Power bank Budi black 10000mAH (Portable Battery pack)


1.Long-lasting –  iPhone 13 can be charged up to 4 times on one charge!

2.Suitable for every mobile phone / tablet / smart watch

3.Same day dispatch delivery within 2-3 days (Free postage)

High quality 3 months warranty!

50 in stock


Power bank Budi Black 10000mAh is essential for charging on the go. 10000mAh power bank with slim size. It supports PD and QC3.0 charging. It can be charged by lightning cable, USB-c cable. Micro USB cable. It is easy to use and universal. It is guaranteed to come in handy for everyone!

All packages with anti-counterfeiting label and a 3-months warranty card. This battery pack is perfect for festivals, travelling, working, or even knowing you won’t have access to sockets.

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  • Budi Black 10000mAh Power Bank
  • Slim Size
  • Supports PD and QC3.0 Charging
  • Charged By Lightning Cable, USB-C Cable & Micro USB Cable
  • Easy to Use & Universal
  • Anti-Counter Lable


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